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CTC black tea / Loose Tea and Green Tea for sale in Kenya

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Price:  US $2 - 4 / Kilogram | 

Minimum Order:  12 Metric Ton/Metric Tons

Supply Ability:  500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Port: Mombasa Port

Skype:  Lauraneparker

This supplier also supports Western Union,T/T,
40% Advance on proforma invoice, 35%  against faxing of B/L copy and 25% on inspection at final destination.

Black Tea
Loose Tea
2 - 3 Years
Processing Type:
Health Tea
Shelf Life:
Place of Origin:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:5 kgs, 7 kgs, 10 kgs, 35 kgs, 40 kgs
By Implementing a strict quality system , Safechem eports very authentic Black tea.  Our experince tea tasters  selects  the auctioned tea from Govt  , blend it accorind to our customers requirement and do testing in our inhouse Labratory.  we always prepare the blended accoring to our custoemers requirement under proper inspetion agency and own presence. 

Preparation Instructions: 

Black Tea Take 1 teaspoon tea leaves. About 2 grams of leaves is ideal for a black tea preparation. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea leaves. Boil the water to 100 degrees celsius. You can then let it cool down to upto 90 degrees. Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on your taste. Strain the leaves out & enjoy. Best consumed without or with very little milk. A sweetener like sugar or honey can be added as per taste.
Product detail - 
Assam Orthodox TGFOP 
Assam Orthodox FOP 
Assam Orthodox BPS
Assam Orthodox FBOP 
Assam orthodox GBOP 
Assam Orthodox GOF 

Assam CTC BP 
Assam CTC PF 

Certificate ISO, HACCP, GAP
Shelf Time 3 years
Taste Quality: Super fresh, sweet, mellow, strong and high floral aroma

Moisture 5 - 7 Pct
Ash 4 - 6 Pct

Packing - 5kg above in pp, jute and paper sacks. 

For further more details kindly feel free to contact us

Product Benefit
10 benefits of drinking black tea 
1. The anti-cancer effects of tea
     It is generally considered that anti-cancer effect of tea mainly sources from green tea, but now there is a new development that it is found in a study that the same as green tea, black tea has a strong anti-cancer effect.
2. Disease prevention
    A cup of warm tea is served whenever in every season, in not only can warm one’s body, but also has effect in disease prevention. Sweet warm tea can raise one’s spirit, and its red rouge tea gives people a warm feeling.

3. Greasy cut with good digestion
    Black tea can help cut greasy and is good for digestion, promotes appetite, and strengthens heart function. When feeling greasy and stomach distention after meals, often drinking tea help cut greasy, and promote digestion.
4. Increased urine volume
    Caffeine and aromatic substance in black tea help to increase urine volume.
5. Antioxidant and slow aging
    Black tea and green tea have the same effect, but antioxidant in black tea is much complicated than green tea, especially it is good for the heart. US magazine reported that anti-aging effect of black tea is better than garlic, broccoli and carrots.
6. Cold prevention
      Black tea has strong antibacterial effect. Mouth washing with black tea can help virus filtrating and prevent from getting cold, and can also prevent tooth decay and food poisoning as well as lower blood glucose levels and hypertension.
7. Good for vasodilator
     US medical study found that heart patients drink four cups of black tea a day, vasodilation degrees can be increased from 6% up to 10%. Being stimulated, ordinary people’s relaxation degree will be increased by 13 %.
8. Stomach nourishing
    Oxidation products generated from Ppolyphenols in black tea can promote human’s digestion/ Regular drinking black tea by adding sugar, or milk has anti-inflammatory effect and protect the gastric mucosa, has certain effect in ulcers treatment.

9. Effect of refreshing from fatigue
    The caffeine in black tea can stimulate the cerebral cortex to excite nerve center and further refresh one mind and help one’s concentration, and further make one’s thinking and response more sensitive and enhance one’s memory.
10. Producing salvia and slake thirst
    Besides slake thirst, Polyphenols, sugar, amino acid, pectin and saliva in black tea produce chemical reactions, and stimulate the secretion of saliva so one can feel mouth moisturizing and cool.

Q1. Are you a trader or a tea farmer?
Ans:We are the tea farmer from Kenya. We have our own tea garden and our own tea factory.

Q2. How do you control your tea quality?
Ans:Our tea made from planting→ picking→making →tea confronts with in international standards and inspection. (i.e. we won the first prize of black tea contest held by the government every year and gain tea SGS pesticides inspection) .

Q3. Do you think your tea price is reasonable?
Ans: With high quality, our tea price is relatively cheap. Having the same quality and same level, in comparison with other tea makers, our price is much competitive.

Q4. Do you offer trials or trial bag?
Ans:Yes, we do.

Q5. Can the price be off if I place a mass order?
Ans:Yes, please give us the quantity for our best quote and we will get you back in three days.

Q6. If the order is confirmed and the payment is made, how long can we receive the products?
Ans:Once the order is set, I will advise you the delivery date ASAP. Normally, it will be about 15 days against your payment.

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  1. I got more information about benefit of black tea. I would like to say that black tea has strong antibacterial effect. I can’t imagine my morning without black tea. Today most of the people take green tea which is healthiest for your good health.
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