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Precious Metals Gold Seller frim Kenya

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am Victor Marketing and Advertising Manager of BAFAKA BALUE NDIAN DIVISION. in the South West Region of the Republic of congo. Our setup is specifically engage in the Mining and Extraction of Alluvial Concentrate (Au Gold Nuggets and/or bars,

For and on behalf of the Local Mining community and the Board of Directors of Bafaka village, I hereby confirm the availability of the below stated quantity and purity of Au Gold.

1.) Our Price is very moderate
a.) Price Au Gold Nuggets: $ 27, 500USD/KG
b) Price Au Gold Bars: $ 28, 000USD/KG
2.) Minimum quantity: 10 kgs
3.) Maximum Quantity: 100 kgs

e) COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)
f) FORM: Alluvial Gold NUGGET.
g) PURITY: 96.07% or better
h) FINENESS: 23 carats

a) COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)
b) FORM: Alluvial Gold Bars.
c) PURITY: 99.9% or better
d) FINENESS: 24 carats

Mr. Malumba
Skype; lauraneparker

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